2015 Summer BBQ, Frag Swap, FragFest August 22nd!!

Join us for our annual club BBQ, frag swap, meetup and membership gathering at Randy’s house in Spokane on August 22nd!

Address: 2524 N Crestline Street, Spokane

Call/Text for Joanne for Directions if needed: 509-370-3475

Food begins at 4PM – bring your favorite potluck item with you; we will have club sponsored burgers and hotdogs available for everyone

Raffles start at 5PM – raffle tickets are $1 each for members. Memberships can be bought/renewed at the event.

This year’s raffle sponsors include:


  • Seachem
  • Aquatic Dreams
  • Oceans by Design
  • Barrier Reef
  • Rods Food
  • Aquarium Solutions
  • Inland Corals
  • AquaVitro
  • Reef Nutrition
  • Nualgi
  • Air Water and Ice
  • Seaking Aquariums

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