BBQ Saturday, Tank Tour Map, Details

The BBQ is upon us! A few last minute updates we want everyone to be sure we don’t forget.

#1 – Our BBQ is also a potluck, and BYOC (Bring your own chair!) – don’t forget to let us know what you are bringing, and don’t forget your chair or you will be sitting on the lawn!

Raffles will start at 5PM; the tank tour will end at our BBQ site sometime between 3 and 4PM; and the BBQ officially starts around 4PM!

You can mention what Potluck item you are bringing here:

#2 – Our BBQ is also a Frag and Equipment swap! Bring your frags, old equipment, etc. – there will be lots to trade, and also lots to buy. Most people prefer cash, and we are at Randy’s house, pretty sure he hasn’t installed an ATM yet.

#3 – The TANK TOUR OF AWESOMENESS starts at 10AM at Matt Hellstrom’s house. Here is the map, if you are planning to attend be sure to flag yourself as “going” on the event on Facebook so we don’t depart without you.

Event –

Map –

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