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2015 Summer BBQ, Frag Swap, FragFest August 22nd!!

Join us for our annual club BBQ, frag swap, meetup and membership gathering at Randy’s house in Spokane on August 22nd!

Address: 2524 N Crestline Street, Spokane

Call/Text for Joanne for Directions if needed: 509-370-3475

Food begins at 4PM – bring your favorite potluck item with you; we will have club sponsored burgers and hotdogs available for everyone

Raffles start at 5PM – raffle tickets are $1 each for members. Memberships can be bought/renewed at the event.

This year’s raffle sponsors include:


  • Seachem
  • Aquatic Dreams
  • Oceans by Design
  • Barrier Reef
  • Rods Food
  • Aquarium Solutions
  • Inland Corals
  • AquaVitro
  • Reef Nutrition
  • Nualgi
  • Air Water and Ice
  • Seaking Aquariums

Next Meeting, Saturday October 18th at Randy’s

Meeting time! Yes!! We’ve had a nice summer off (plus the BBQ), but its time to head back in from the lake and start talking about fragging!

Join us at Randy’s house (randythereefer) at noon for a tank discussion, and a quick demo on soft coral propagation. Randy has a great 180 gallon mixed reef, a seahorse tank, and probably many other tanks he would prefer we don’t ask him to admit to at this point (the salt is strong with this one!).

Randy's 180 Reef
Randy’s 180 Reef
May Photo of the Month by randythereefer
May Photo of the Month by randythereefer

See you all there.