New Forums and Old Forums

Well – in order to move us further into the 21st Century we had to update our forums… and that means we now have 2 forum areas!! New Forums is our Tapatalk friendly area, and will be where we want to start having our conversations going forward, but we still have our Old Forums posted so you can access all your old threads, comment, and have conversations there.

Of course, we will be having content in both areas for a while, so be sure to check both the Old Forums and the New Forums for new posts and updates while we all learn the new system!

Post BBQ Roundup

Thanks to everyone who made it to our BBQ, and our sponsors! Be sure to thank our sponsors the next time you are buying or talking to them, and remind them that their sponsorship of our club matters.


Family Fun!
Family Fun!
Raffle winners!
Scoping out the frags in the swap tank

2013 Sponsors (in no particular order except alphabetical!)

  • Aquarium Solutions
  • Barrier Reef Aquariums
  • Brightwell Aquatics
  • CoralProps
  • Coral Magazine
  • Inland Corals
  • Oceans by Design
  • Reef Pest Solutions

More photos have been posted to an album on our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out!!

March Photo of the Month!

Congratulations Michelle for submitting this photo

March 2013 Photo of the Month - Michelle's Seahorse
March 2013 Photo of the Month – Michelle’s Seahorse

Of her very cute, and very awesome Sea-Pony. They are great additions to a species only tank.

Be sure to submit your own photos often, here:

Each year the winners get a free club t-shirt showcasing all the year’s photo entries! There’s no reason not to enter!!

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